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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gila Korea!!Drama Glory Jaen~

sejak aku kerja ikut syif ni la kan...hobi malayan drama korea aku kembali menghantui la pulak...ehehehe..
kalau xda kerja tu,,apalagi..layan Drama Korea la jawabnya...

drama Glory Jaen (a.k.a Man Of Honor) antara yg aku baru je habis layan....baru je habis tengok Isnin lepas..
drama ni agak ok la bagi aku...Heroinnya sangat CUTE!senyuman dia very sweet...
Hero pun boleh tahan la...cuma aku x minat lelaki yg cute cam laki ni...huhuhu..

jalan cerita drama ni agak best jugak kalau dihayati betul-betul...pasal kekeluargaan & of course la LOVE story kan...kat bawah ni aku copy paste kan untuk korang sinopsis drama ni ok... 

Yoon Jae-in (Park Min-young) is a hardworking nurse who does not remember her past. In fact she is the daughter of Yoon Il-goo (Ahn Nae-sang) who was the president of a trading company. Yoon Il-goo was killed in a car accident orchestrated by his friend Seo Jae-myung (Son Chang-min), to make sure that Jae-myung takes over control of the company. When Jae-in's mother Eun-joo (Jang Young-nam) received news of her husband's accident she took Jae-in and drove to the hospital. However, due to heavy rain, they got into a car accident caused by Jae-myung's goons, which separated the mother and daughter. Jae-myung ordered Kim In-bae (Lee Ki-yeol) who works as his chauffeur to send Jae-in, who had lost all of her memories at the time, to an orphanage, where In-bae told her to never forget her name. 17 years later, In-bae's son, Young-kwang (Chun Jung-myung), is a baseball player and one of the league's most promising sluggers, but he's since been demoted to the minors. He had a fallout with his rival, Jae-myung's son, Seo In-woo (Lee Jang-woo), who not only comes from a rich family but is currently the league's top star. While injured, Young-kwang meets Jae-in, and she saves him with a blood transfusion. Under Jae-myung's orders, In-bae is chased and killed in an accident orchestrated by his goons, to prevent In-bae from revealing Jae-myung's dark secrets. Young-kwang decides to quit being a baseball player and owning his father's noodle shop. Jae-in also quits her job as a nurse to find a job with Young-kwang. In-woo finds himself disowned by his father, and the three of them apply for jobs at Jae-myung's office. Young-kwang and In-woo continue to vie for Jae-in's affections in a bitter rivalry that goes far back to their childhoods. Seo In-chul (Park Sung-woong) also enters their lives; his lover is Kim Kyung-joo (Kim Yun-joo), who happens to be Young-kwang's runaway sister. Then Eun-joo awakens from her coma.

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